CCTV Systems

We provide security cameras, video recorders (DVR, NVR), surveillance systems, and all other things CCTV. We supply security products to businesses and home owners alike of all shapes and sizes. Even our security cameras have color night vision.

All of our systems come fully equipped to handle all of your remote viewing needs. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet or 3G/4G connection, you'll be able to view your video feed at any time you want. Additionally, we provide our customers with a full list of readily available options for viewing; whether you prefer to use your computer, tablet, or Smartphone.

Alarm Systems


While you're away from home, if someone forcedly opened a door or a window you will get notified via SMS and Voice Call.

Loud Siren

Loud siren can notified to your neighbours.

Built-in Battery

If power failure, built-in battery can run system for 1 hour.

Best customer service in Security Systems

Our technical support is unparalleled. It's one thing to say it but another thing to mean it. For years as we've been grow the business, we have yet to come across anyone else who spends as much time with their customers as we do. You don't need to have an expert knowledge of security systems, just a helpful and willing support staff that's more than happy to assist you with anything you may need.